Embark on a sensory journey to the heart of Africa with our spring summer collection highlighting badame, this precious almond from the Gulf of Guinea. Our high-end products are the result of artisanal know-how and a passion for excellence, offering an incomparable taste experience.

Let yourself be transported by our original recipes, inspired by the culinary riches of this continent, for a touch of authenticity and refinement.

Badame & Macadamia, coated with Guérande salt


Immerse yourself in the world of Ultimate Luxury with our exquisite badames, coated in macadamia and sublimated by a touch of Guérande salt. A culinary treasure trove where splendour meets finesse, awakening a symphony of the senses. Each badame is a jewel, enveloped in the unparalleled sweetness of macadamia, and magnified by Guérande salt, carefully harvested to enchant your palate.

Beyond Pleasure, a True Benefit: Discover the virtues of these gastronomic gems. They are the embodiment of well-being, offering vitality and support to your heart while delightfully pampering your senses.

An Incomparable Gustatory Odyssey: The divine union of macadamia and Guérande salt forges an unrivalled sweet and salty harmony, promising a gustatory escapade that will leave a lasting impression on your gourmet moments and grace your moments of conviviality with brilliance.

Every day, a Celebration of Elegance: Each badame is an invitation to escape, a bubble of luxury to incorporate into your daily routine or to give as a gift. Our collection is the expression of a life where luxury is combined with simplicity to adorn every moment with a touch of majesty.

BADAME, MACADAMIA & SEL DE GUÉRANDE: Much more than a culinary temptation, they represent a tribute to the art of living, a gesture of appreciation for the simple delights of life.

For All, A Rendez-vous!


Badame 90%, Macadamia 5% and Guérande salt 5%
Weight : 200gr


Presence of Badame nuts (almond) and macadamia.

Macadamias, like other nuts, are known to be common allergens that can cause sometimes serious allergic reactions. Macadamia nut allergies usually develop before age 2, and it’s not uncommon for people who are allergic to one type of nut to also be allergic to others. About 30% of people with nut allergies have more than one type.

It is crucial for people with nut allergies or who are preparing food for someone with such allergies to read food labels carefully and be aware of product manufacturing practices to avoid allergic reactions. For complete information and advice on managing macadamia nut allergies, consulting trusted medical resources or consulting a healthcare professional is recommended. ​


KIT/CINI Badames offer their best flavor during the first few days (1 to 6) of purchase. To enjoy their full flavor, we recommend storing them in a dark place at room temperature. Once released, these products can be enjoyed at any time in very small quantities. Our choice to keep them out of the reach of light reduces spoilage and preserves all their organoleptic quality for your gustatory pleasure.