” An Emotional Journey to the Discovery of a Forgotten Treasure “


Welcome to the world where a passion for badame becomes a culinary art. Each new recipe is the fruit of spontaneous inspiration, where unexpected combinations are born of an alchemy between tradition and innovation.

Let us guide you on a gustatory journey, where each mouthful reveals a story, know-how and creativity that are constantly renewed.

“the BADAME”

This is an almond that only grows in forests or by the sea in humid regions bathed in sunshine.

The best of them are harvested in the Gulf of Guinea, renowned for its exceptional terroir. This is where the Equator meets Africa for the first time, which has a favourable influence on its taste and quality. Cultivated in an ideal natural environment and using traditional harvesting and processing methods, this BADAME is a top-of-the-range almond.

Its exceptional value comes from being harvested by hand and then roasted, perpetuating the tradition and craftsmanship handed down for centuries, even though it was only officially recognised in the 13th century.

This variety is renowned for its superior flavour and rich oil content. Its exquisite iodised flavour, crunchy texture and delicate oval shape and size (5-7 cm) make it unique.

Each year, it is harvested by hand over a three-month period during the rainy season. It is carefully selected using ancestral techniques, so that it can be treated with particular care during the selection process (grading, weight, colour, flavour).

Then comes the key moment of slow roasting, a crucial stage in the drying process that reveals the fullness of the aromas while preserving the unique nutritional qualities of the beans, for an unparalleled taste experience.

the badame

It has high levels of protein, good fats (monounsaturated fatty acids), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which exceed those of standard almonds.

Their unique flavour, often described as richer, more intense or more complex, is a key factor in their superiority over other almonds.

KIT/CINI produces Badame with a strong commitment to local communities, supporting economic growth and promoting fair labour practices.

Finally, our packaging of excellence not only safeguards the contents of our boxes; it also reflects the prestige and intrinsic value of our products.