“An Emotional Journey to the Discovery of a Forgotten Treasure”

La Maison KIT/CINI, an eminent creative workshop, reinvents the art of Haute Amande, redefining the very essence of craftsmanship to offer a singular exploration, rich in emotions and sensations. Excellence, innovation and meticulous attention to detail are the pillars that inspire and guide our dedicated teams.

The sweet héritage

KIT/CINI was born in 2019 from a fusion between a burning passion for gastronomy and the aspiration to share the essence of authenticity. Through the childhood memories and family heritage of the founder, a simple almond becomes an unparalleled delicacy.

The Badame from Maison KIT/CINI is not just a snack, it’s a dish that speaks to the heart, a touch of sweetness and crunch that enhances every moment of conviviality.

A name
a journey

Haute Amande is an echo of tradition and a vibrant tribute to the Myènè language, the heart of its creator’s culture. Choosing this name means celebrating each recipe as a work of art, an act of sharing, and anchoring the brand in a heritage of culinary finesse.

The Badame, beyond its taste, is a return ticket to precious memories, to an African coast where nature composes the most beautiful of symphonies.

The exclusivity
of the land

In the heart of Gabon, among ancient stories and traditions, KIT/CINI elevates the Haute Amande to the status of cultural ambassador. Badames are treasures of the earth, gathered with devotion and reflecting an ancestral heritage.

Our quest for exclusivity drives us to limit our production, ensuring that each Badame remains a culinary jewel, a taste experience in itself, full of authenticity and pure sensations.

The promise of
la maison kit/cini

KIT/CINI transcends the notion of luxury to offer a temporal and sensory journey, where each Badame is the fruit of exceptional craftsmanship. The taste journey that we offer is a slow process of refinement, an expectation that turns into a burst of flavors, a revelation with each tasting.

Joining KIT/CINI is to savor quality, it is to engage in a dream where the awakening of the senses celebrates renewed luxury and a promise of uninterrupted discovery. Welcome to our dream, welcome to the enchanted reality of KIT/CINI.

Prince Aho’s Cry :
An Immortal Passion Rooted in the BADAME

In African wakes, where nostalgia dances with the stars, a spellbinding story is often told. It’s the tale of the Badamier, a legendary tree whose almonds are a treasure for children. Our story begins in the 17th century, in the majestic Kingdom of Dahomey. There, the young prince Aho, madly in love with the daughter of a rich Tuareg, defies ancestral traditions. At a time when marriages were arranged, Aho’s love for the beautiful Mérôn drives him to defy the established order.

At sunrise, Aho sets out on a journey to find a unique gift, a symbol of his undying love. His quest takes him to the heart of Africa, to a mystical forest home to the Badamier, an enchanted tree whose fruit is offered only to the one who solves the riddle of the three-layered almond. After seven days of intense reflection, Aho triumphs, discovering that the emotion hidden after fear, which gives two veils of love, is none other than courage.

However, her return is marked by sadness. Mérôn, his love, has married another. Devastated, Aho throws the fruit of his love into the sea, which is said to be the source of the iodized taste of Badamier almonds. This desperate gesture symbolizes eternal love, explaining why the badamier tree thrives in Africa’s forests and seashores alike.

This poignant legend has come down to us through the centuries thanks to KIT/CINI, inviting us on an extraordinary journey to the heart of the earth’s mysteries. Each Badame almond is a key to the ancient secrets of the forest. To taste this exquisite almond is to find the courage to rediscover yourself, to embrace your true essence, lulled by woody, bewitching aromas.

Each bite is a hymn to love, a membership in a circle of warriors striving for excellence, bearers of a heritage of strength and nobility. KIT/CINI’s Badame is more than just a food; it’s a distinction, a symbol of elevation, once reserved for those in search of ideals. Tasting it is a purely emotional experience, resonating elegantly in the hearts of distinguished epicureans.

Thus continues the story of Prince Aho and his lost love, teaching through the ages that true love, like the Badamier almond, is at once sweet, bitter and eternally memorable.

Our values

The brand stands out in a fundamental way, from the creative sketch to the elegant final presentation of each product.

Maison KIT/CINI’s inspiration comes from the senses – a captivating fragrance, an exquisite ingredient, the essence of a faraway land, or the echo of a memorable encounter – resulting in tasty, unique collections for every season.


In the world of our Maison, elegance lies in the meticulousness and excellence of every detail: from the meticulous selection of fresh, top-of-the-range ingredients, to the precise mastery and rigorous training in manufacturing techniques. We pay particular attention to service and the establishment of a harmonious, refined relationship with our customers.

For each collection, our House is committed to selecting the finest ingredients, with the constant aim of offering you an unforgettable taste experience, rich in flavors, sensations and emotions.


We are committed to meticulous attention in all our interactions and communications, whether with our customers or internally.

Our daily objective is to analyse and constantly improve the effectiveness and relevance of our actions, always in a spirit of excellence and refinement.


In the quest for exclusivity, KIT/CINI elevates the sale of badame to an art form, offering a unique experience where each almond becomes a celebration of refinement. Each badame bean offered by KIT/CINI is carefully selected, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to exclusivity and superior quality.

At KIT/CINI, badame is not just a product, it is the symbol of a rare and sought-after luxury, an invitation to savour the exceptional.


“An Emotional Journey to the Discovery of a Forgotten Treasure”
KIT/CINI, an avant-garde creative workshop, currently stands out as the sole creator of the Badame with its varied essences. Driven by a passion for pleasure, our company is revolutionising the art of selling almonds, offering a unique experience full of emotions and sensations.

Exceptional quality, constant innovation and attention to detail are the foundations on which each and every one of our employees builds. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of KIT/CINI.