How is my order confirmed ?

Once you have validated your order, an automatic order confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided when you created your account.

What packaging does Kit/Cini offer ?

Maison Kitcini offers several types of recyclable packaging adapted to its references.

Where can I find La Maison KIT/CINI products?

On our website : ou .fr

In our headquarters:

20 Chemin des Patinières
74100, Vétraz-Monthoux

Is it possible to choose a delivery address different from my billing address?

Yes, you can have your order delivered to the address of your choice. A specific “delivery address” field is provided for this purpose when creating your account or your KIT/CINI order.

By default, this field will be checked “same address as billing”.

Is it possible to make a gift and attach my personalised message?

Yes, it is possible to attach a personalized message to a product order for an additional cost. In addition, it is possible to offer a card to the person of your choice with a personalized message in the “Personalization & Message” section. Go to the page: Nos services

I have decided to have my parcel delivered as a gift to a delivery address other than my billing address. Can I do this?

If you have opted for this type of delivery, please note that the parcel will not contain an invoice but a delivery note with no price displayed.

I'm experiencing a technical problem and I can't place or finalise my order.

Please send us an email to and tell us what the problem is.

You can also tell us the type of browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.), your operating system (Windows or Mac)
and, if necessary, attach screenshots.


What products does Maison KIT/CINI offer? What are the origins of the references ?

The KIT/CINI range includes a diversity of more than 5 references divided into 2 distinct collections, offering innovative blends of Badame and other ingredients.

All our references, including our new products, come from diversified sources in Africa, detailed on the product descriptions. Maison KIT/CINI offers a variety of packaging options, from metal tins to bulk sachets, suitable for different volumes.

I can't find the product I want to order. Is it still in stock?

To search for a specific product, use our search function (magnifying glass symbol) at the top right of our online shop. If a product cannot be found, it may be temporarily unavailable or out of stock, as KIT/CINI respects the biodynamic* nature of its production processes.

(*): in accordance with the natural cycle.

Can I order samples?

At present time, KIT/CINI does not provide samples of its products.

Are KIT/CINI products organic?

Our supply chains are geared towards natural production. KIT/CINI favours partnerships with producers who adopt good agricultural practices. Our raw materials are free from GMOs and ionising treatments. Organic certification will be indicated on our labels and on our website as soon as it is obtained.

Do KIT/CINI products contain allergens ?

The presence of allergens is clearly indicated on every product page in our online shop, as well as on our packaging labels.

How can I best use the Badame?

To explore the culinary possibilities of badame and how it can be paired with different dishes, check out our blog and our tasting guides for tips and ideas.


What is the availability of your products ?

The selection of KIT/CINI products is constantly changing with the seasons. We only offer certain items during specific periods. You can reserve seasonal or limited edition products in advance on our website. These items are available for pre-order a few days before their official launch and will only be dispatched from the specified date.

What are your manufacturing techniques?

The unique works of KIT/CINI come to life in our dedicated workshops. Our products celebrate the traditional art of hand-picking, rigorous selection, the drying process and know-how handed down from generation to generation.

Each ingredient is chosen for its distinctive flavour, vibrant colour and exceptional properties. To preserve their pure essence, we favour the use of gentle heating techniques. Throughout this process, pleasure and emotion remain our inspiring guides.

How and for how long are the badames kept?

At room temperature, Badames (Almonds) stored in good conditions can be kept for between nine and twelve months.

What are your commitments to the quality, regulation and traceability of your products ?

For KIT/CINI, the selection of ingredients is paramount. KIT/CINI is committed to choosing ingredients of excellence, discovered through its travels and encounters. The brand cultivates close ties, based on trust and friendship, with each of its producers. KITCINI is firmly committed to maintaining the highest quality of its badames, which means meticulous selection, constant freshness and compliance with food standards.

The brand ensures full compliance with food safety standards in all its processes, from production to distribution, while observing regulations on substances such as pesticides. A reliable traceability system is in place to follow the itinerary of each batch of badames, from harvest to sale, providing customers with transparent information on origin and cultivation methods.

Finally, KITCINI adopts ethical and responsible business practices, working with suppliers who respect human rights and the environment, and striving to minimise its ecological footprint, notably through the use of sustainable packaging and eco-responsible logistics.

Where can I find out about the allergens contained in KIT/CINI products ?

WARNING : Yes, badame, which is a variety of almond, may contain allergens. Almonds are classified as nuts and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Allergies to nuts, including almonds, are relatively common and can sometimes be serious. It is important for people with nut allergies to check the labels on KIT/CINI products and to avoid eating badame if they are allergic to almonds. If in doubt or for specific advice, it is always advisable to consult a health professional or allergist.